ESL Scholarship

Departmental Scholarship awarded to current Western students who are in the ESL program.
Must have a minimum 2.5 GPA and a Oral Best Plus test score 4-7 (High Beginner to Intermediate)
Must take classes each semester towards earning the ESL Certificate
Applicants must fill out a Western release of information form so student video and student responses can be used as testimonials.
Applicants must submit a 5-8 minute video using Studio in your Canvas account. Use Apple Clips or other video creation software for the presentation.
*Please send Studio link to and

The questions you need to answer in the video are listed below:
• Who are you?
• What are your academic and professional goals?
• As an ESL scholarship requirement, you have to earn an ESL Certificate. How will earning this certificate help you to achieve your academic and professional goals?
• Think about the ESL classes that you have completed. How has the information that you learned helped you during your time at Western?
• What are the benefits of attending Western Wyoming Community College?
• Why should the ESL Scholarship committee choose to award you a scholarship?

Full Time students may apply ($1000 scholarship):
-After completing 3 of 5 ESL classes and First Year Success class AND Be enrolled in at least 2 required ESL Certificate classes
Part-time students may apply ($500 scholarship):
After completing any 2 required ESL Certificate classes and the First Year Success class AND Be enrolled in at least 1 ESL class
ESL Classes include:
HMDV 1060 Academic Listening and Speaking
HMDV 1062 ESL Writing and Grammar
HMDV 1064 Reading and Vocabulary Skills
HMDV 1065 Academic Listening and Note-taking Skills
HMDV 1070 U. S. Culture