Dominion Energy Scholarship

This scholarship is for students pursuing a degree in business, finance, engineering, geology, mathematics, or technology as it relates to the oil and energy industry. The names and major areas of study of the scholarship recipients will be shared with the donors from Dominion Energy. Preference will be given to students residing within Dominion’s western franchise territory, including Utah and Southwest Wyoming. The application period is open from December 1st to July 1st for scholarships that will be awarded for the 2024-2025 academic year. Apply before April 1st to be considered as a priority applicant.

Free Application for Federal Aid (FAFSA) must be completed to provide calculation of cost of attendance (COA) and student must be registered for Fall 2024 semester (registration opens April 10, 2024) to be considered for this scholarship.

Maintenance to keep this scholarship is a 2.0 cum GPA at the end of each term (semester) and 100% completion of paid credits.