Music Scholarship

Departmental Scholarship awarded to music students

Supplemental Questions
  1. Music Scholarship Audition Form Questions
    • Audition Video Option #1: please provide a link to your audition video on YouTube, etc.
    • Audition Video Option #2: Upload a video of your audition, file must be in the .mp4 format
    • Instrument (or voice) with which you plan to aution
    • Name of teacher(s)
    • Number of years you have studied your instrument
    • Please check:
    • Please give a statement of your background and musical experience such as public recitals, group performances, contests, prizes, and other information that would be of value to the faculty jury
    • Please list any music honors or awards you have received individually, solo, ensemble, group, chorus, etc.
    • Selections with which you will audition
    • Which of the following groups have you participated?